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How We Are Supporting Men’s Health


Encouraging men to prioritize their health can be challenging, as men may be less likely to seek medical care or prioritize their health than women. However, there are many aspects of men's health that men need to consider: Heart health: Heart disease is a leading cause of death among men. Men can take steps to [...]

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The Hormonal Poetry of Sex and Love


The hormones most directly related to love, bonding, romance and sexual arousal can be remembered through the apt acronym POET: prolactin, oxytocin, estrogen and testosterone. While both men and women respond to these hormones, they do so in different ways and with different results.  There is currently a great article on Medscape on the topic, Miriam E. Tucker. [...]

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6 Surprising Insights About Sex From A Sex Doctor


Many people are desperately seeking great sex in ordinary life but are entirely at a loss of how to achieve it. Our culture today is riddled with contrasting and confusing messages about sexuality. Beer commercials insist everyone is having spontaneous, sexy fun at every given moment. Institutions ranging from religious leaders, politicians, to our parents [...]

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The ‘One Minute Man’ — More about Premature Ejaculation


Concern about sex is a common experience for men. Early or uncontrollable ejaculation is one of the most frequent sexual concerns men worry about. Premature ejaculation (PE) is reported by around one-third of men, although only around one in ten will be bothered enough by it to seek professional advice or treatment. As I explained [...]

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Captive in a Sex-Starved Marriage


Reclaiming Desire in Long Term Relationships While men and women at any age or partner status can experience distressing low levels of sexual interest, it is a common complaint in long term relationships that desire wanes over time. Many people experience the stress of modern day life including long work hours, never ending family responsibilities, [...]

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Why Erectile Dysfunction Matters More than You Think


It's time to start seeing ED as your Everyday Health Dipstick “Bill” is a man in his 40s who came to see me about two months ago for erectile dysfunction. As I always do when a patient brings up an ED complaint, I discussed Bill’s health outside of his erectile concerns with him. He had [...]

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