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Dr. Serena offers telehealth visits as a means of enhancing healthcare and health education delivery utilizing digital communication technology. Dr. Serena is proud to offer telemedicine visits to her patients for improved convenience, cost efficiency, and improved clinical care. Dr. Serena has partnered with AthenaTelehealth to deliver a seamless virtual communication experience to enhance care to her patients.

How Much do Virtual Visits Cost?

Most insurances provide coverage for telehealth visits. When you schedule for a telehealth visit, we will provide as accurate information as we can on what your individual plan will or will not cover. Ultimately we advise you to speak with your insurance directly regarding telehealth coverage and fees. If you do not have insurance coverage, virtual visits are a nominal out of pocket cost.

What are the Benefits of Telehealth Visits?

  • Through telehealth, you can have real‐time, two‐way communication via secure online virtual sessions. Sessions typically are 15 – 30 minutes duration.
  • You can talk with Dr. Serena at a place and time that fits best into your schedule.
  • Telehealth visits are secure and private and conducted through a HIPAA‐compliant platform.
  • Increased scheduling opportunity: Dr. Serena can provide early morning and after work hour telemedicine visits when warranted.
  • Telehealth is ideal for people who have limited access to coming into the office, those with mobility issues, or for people who prefer to discuss more sensitive topics from the privacy of their own home instead of in an office environment.
  • Cost savings: Harvard Medical School quantified the actual cost to someone visiting a doctor’s office and concluded that, between the time spent traveling, parking, and waiting, it costs the average person $43 per visit in an office. Telehealth visits are a cost saving strategy to reduce expenses associated with seeing Dr. Serena in her office.

Who Can Use Telehealth Visits in Dr. Serena’s Practice?

Dr. Serena prefers new patients to be seen in the office so detailed intake can be conducted and medical history can be reviewed; during the COVID19 pandemic exceptions are made to this policy to promote safety for those at high risk for COVID19. Telehealth visits thereafter are appropriate for simple follow up conversation regarding lab or test results, medication management, or single condition follow up. Conditions that require physical exam, or that require more complex conversation or in office procedures will continue to need in office care in our Kirkland facility.

What Technology do I need for Virtual Visits?

We recommend using a secure and private internet connection (or cellular service on your mobile device). If you are in a corporate office, firewalls often block the video connection. Turn off WiFi and refresh your page on a cellular device, or try another secure WiFi network on your computer. If you do not have strong internet or cellular connection, your video or audio quality may not be ideal. Telemedicine video connection is supported by Google Chrome, Safari, & Firefox browsers.