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Introducing Baby In the Bedroom: An Eight Week Multi-Disciplinary Program for Urinary Leakage and Sexual Health for New Moms

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Baby in the Bedroom

Baby in the Bedroom is a program created to specifically address the tremendous effect childbirth has on both pelvic floor and intimate function. As many as 89% of new moms complain of urinary leakage and impaired sexual function.

In this 8 week pelvic floor and sexual function boot camp, we have created a comprehensive program to address pelvic floor healing as well as revive sexual function. The program starts with weekly e-stim pelvic floor treatments, bladder and bowel retraining guidance, and sexual medicine evaluation and treatment. Dr Serena works alongside urology and urogynecology providers

Alongside medical treatments, we have partnered with renowned experts in their fields Kathe Wallace physical therapist, author of “Reviving Your Sex Life After Childbirth”, as well as the Gottman Institute, creators of the famed “Bringing Baby Home” program, from which we draw instruction for pelvic floor and relationship support for new parents.

Too many women experience lifelong detrimental consequences of childbirth that can be corrected with expert multi-disciplinary early intervention.

This program is covered by most insurances. Please ask your healthcare provider for a referral, or contact our office directly to learn more.

baby in the bedroom infographic

Baby In The Bedroom: How To Revive Meaningful Intimacy After Kids

Parenthood can be an erotic sinkhole. While having children is one of the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime, the impact on the intimacy of marriage is undisputed: there are over 100 studies to date that reveal marital satisfaction significantly plummets after the birth of a first child. Couples with children have been found to treat one another with more contempt, belligerence and with less affection, humor, and empathy than couples without children but married for the same amount of time based on studies completed by Gottman Institute in Seattle.

Furthermore, up to 60% of women experience problematic urinary leakage that interferes with intimacy, and new parents overall experience high rates of sexual concerns with as many as 89% of mothers and 82% of fathers reporting problems with sex after a child, including pain during intercourse, body image concerns, and discrepancies in sexual desire between the couple.

Essentially, babies take the sexy-boom right out of most couple’s bedroom.

Sexual satisfaction is one of the most important predictors of general relationship happiness, and the effect of child-rearing has tremendous impact on increasing negative aspects of a romantic relationship…

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