Shedding Light on the Invisibility of Asexuality


"Jane" is a pretty young woman in her 30s who came to see me for disinterest in sex. She is married with two children, and explains that she loves her husband but has no interest whatsoever in having sex with him, which is problematic in their marriage. In fact, she reports never having an interest [...]

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Captive in a Sex-Starved Marriage


Reclaiming Desire in Long Term Relationships While men and women at any age or partner status can experience distressing low levels of sexual interest, it is a common complaint in long term relationships that desire wanes over time. Many people experience the stress of modern day life including long work hours, never ending family responsibilities, [...]

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First Cancer, Now This


How to improve intimacy and sexual function after cancer Many men and women struggle with intimate and sexual concerns during diagnosis, treatment, and remission of cancer. This can occur for numerous reasons, including physiological changes that occur with cancer treatment resulting in low libido, loss of erectile function, and pain with intercourse, as well as [...]

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How to have great sex after you have kids


Parenthood and the erotic sinkhole My father recently called to wish me a happy birthday, and as I was his firstborn out of four, he told me that my birth was one of the most life-changing events of his life. This was intended of course as a father’s extension of affection, however I could not [...]

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When sex doesn’t work – learning trapeze acrobatics blindfolded


Coordination, communication and practice are the keys to overcoming sexual difficulties I recently attended a trapeze acrobatics class. A group of 10 of us started out by peering wearily at the long metal ladder upward to a platform at great heights. While we knew we would be strapped into a safety harness, and provided lengthy [...]

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